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We, as ISGEM, are looking forward to continuing successfully facing ever-changing shipping and offshore industry’s new challenges. Our aims never changed to achieve satisfaction of our partner and client. This is a clear that good working relations come naturally when both parties are satisfied. To do that we try to give utmost attention to our members. However, our management works as a part of a team. What we all wish is for the convenience in our business life, therefore, we should work with and grow with. Our main intentions are:

  • To become one of the reputable ship management companies worldwide.
  • Be customers' first choice and recognized for the high standards in ship management with our class approved voyage monitoring system and planned maintenance structure.



Our mission is to provide First-Class ship management services that meet or exceed safety, environmental and customer requirements and conduct our operation in a manner to ensure that; Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental considerations remain top priority for the Company’s management and employees. Prevention of accidental risks and losses due to process failure are recognized as an integral part of our continuous improvement culture; described as below:

  • Protect our crews, the vessel, her cargo and the environment.
  • Offering high-quality services, aiming continual improvement in ship and offshore management 
  • Meeting customers' needs and International and National standards.
  • Zero customer complaints.
  • Zero alcohol policy.
  • Zero spills operation.
  • Zero port state control detentions.
  • Zero external non-conformities.



The objective of the Company is to prevent pollution of the environment. The Management may consider information generated from sources such as market trends, customer expectations, management reviews, internal audits, product and process performance, new environmental and other regulations. In order to be able to measure the Company’s performance with respect to set objectives a number of measurable targets shall be defined by the Management. Such targets shall be related to the Company’s objectives and shall be evaluated and reviewed during Management Review Meetings. For the measurement & evaluation of the set targets a number of parameters are to be used in connection with our Key Performance Indicator. The Company’s objectives and relevant parameters basically appear on the following items:

  • To ensure that the requirements of the CMS are effectively implemented throughout the fleet in accordance with the ISM Code, and Company Standards.
  • To eliminate any (safety) hazards identified on board either by third-party inspections or through routine operations and inspections from Company employees and seafarers.
  • To ensure environmental performance improved.
  • To continuously improve the CMS towards Safety & Environmental excellence.
  • To ensure that all vessels are efficiently and effectively manned in accordance with the relevant STCW & Flag Administration requirements.
  • To employ seafarers whose performance meets the Company standards.
  • To improve the retention of seafarers with acceptable performance.
  • To monitor, evaluate and improve on vessels performance during PSC, Flag state or other third party inspections 
  • To ensure that managed vessels are maintained & certificated in accordance with the respective Flag Administration & Classification Society requirements considering gap analyses.
  • To reduce carbon emissions.
  • Cost-effectively and protecting Owners/Investors assets and Charterers interest.
  • To consider about Code of Ethics & Conduct